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Opening You Up for Business

in London

We help overseas enterprises to open stores in London, one of the most attractive markets in the world.

With over 15 years’ experience, we lower the barriers for you to expand into London and bring your vision to reality.

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Our services


The process for opening stores in London is broadly divided into the 4 steps below.

Buildings more than 100 years old are widespread in London and there are many regulations to preserve them and their surrounding streetscapes. These can often complicate lease negotiations and the process can take longer. London also has a unique character and a diverse, multi-cultural population. Our approach is to work within these parameters to help your company reach its full potential at every stage.


We hold an initial consultation to discuss your business needs and to set out procedures, schedules and any precautionary measures. Please contact us in the form below.



London Expansion Plan

・Research into 

market / competitors /

trends / customer needs,

target demographic

・Advice on

setting up a company


・Introduction to

VISA consultants / solicitors / 

estate agencies

・Project management

・BREXIT countermeasures



Property Acquisition

・Propose areas, types of property

・Introduction to

estate agencies / solicitors

・Checking existing building / service (EMP) condition

・Research into

regulations and planning applications

・Layout / seating plan / 

seating capacity

・Produce landlord package

for lease negotiation



Branding & Design

・Re-Branding to suit

London market

・Propose brand concept / logo / shop design concept

・PR Strategy

Introduction to agencies specialising in web design / advertising / SNS publicity




・Apply for

planning permission /

listed building consent / building control

・Produce detailed drawings

・Quotation request /

VE adjustment


・Provide joinery and shopfitting with Japanese craftsmanship from EDO Construction,

a DEIK group company

Building the best team

Our specialist team will be tailored to suit your project, drawn from the local network that we’ve built through experience.



Unit D1B Up, Bounds Green Industrial Estate, Ringway, London N11 2UD

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