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About us

‘DEIK’ is the Japanese word for master craftsman who co-ordinated building projects during Japan’s

Edo era (1603–1867).

We offer a comprehensive service to retail and restaurant projects, start-ups, store concept for branding, identity design, develop and improve existing brands, strategic redesign service to reflect and strengthen your brand and through project management, planning application and consultancy to shop fitting.  

As DEIK, we make sure every element works together to create a consistent brand.

Our designers don’t simply follow trends. Instead, we look at your back story, your business concept and your market positioning to create a brand that is unique to you.

The DEIK London team is made up of consultants, architects, designers, and shop fitters, all of whom have substantial experience of working on global projects and are dedicated to meeting your requirements.


Susumu Shioya

Porntida Kruapat

Meiko Nakayama

Ai Sugihara

Yukihiko Wada

​Yoko Igusa



Unit D1B Up, Bounds Green Industrial Estate, Ringway, London N11 2UD

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