House K, London

2020.September / ​Residential


2020.September / Retail

IPPUDO Goodge Street, London

2019 Hospitality

Kioskafe, London

2015 / Hospitality, Retail

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Café Kitsuné at PAN-TECHNIC’ON, London

2020.September / ​Hospitality


2019 / Retail

IPPUDO Villiers Street, London

2018 / Hospitality

The Monocle Café, London

2013 / Hospitality

TRUNK, London

2013 / Retail

EDO Design & Construction Ltd. trading as DEIK

Café Kitsuné at PAN-TECHNIC’ON, London

London's first branch of Café Kitsuné is located at the main entrance of Pantechnicon, a Nordic + Japanese dining and shopping destination in Belgravia. Our design infuses the space with wood craft, which is typical of both cultures and matches Café Kitsuné’s identity.